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01. about

Cielo comes from an idea of ​​Alessio Coramusi, descendant of an ancient family of Master Ceramists since the end of the 1800s an Artisan Italian Ceramic manufacturer, have designed and developed an exclusive range of ceramics and baths for C.P. Hart.

With a range of 16 colours available, the Cielo range will surely be able to complete your bathroom in a flawless way. CIELO’s mission is to bring ceramics beyond the known limits, through shapes, sizes, thicknesses, surfaces, colors.

02. Product

Cielo collections have a recognizable, innovative, elegant and functional design. From Bathroom, Furnishings and Accessories, ceramics is a noble material par excellence, used and diffused for centuries for objects of great value, but at the same time a difficult material to shape and control, but which can give, to those who succeed in “DOMARLA”, unique products for beauty, quality and resistance.

Beyond all bounds, taking ceramic as far as it can go, telling its stories and evoking the emotional impact of color. Ultra-thin thicknesses, original and contemporary design, makes their ceramic unique and inimitable.

03. The Designers

Cielo collections have a recognizable, innovative, elegant and functional design.

The company has won numerous international awards for design and contains those values ​​that distinguish the excellence of Italian “making” considered as a true reference model in the world; the quality of the design, the selection of the best materials, the attention to detail, the knowledge of craftsmanship and the constant search for harmony between form and function. Some of Cielo product designers are Luca Cimarra, 5.5 Designers, Karim Rashid.

Luca Cimarra

5.5 Designers

Karim Rashid