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01. about

Tanini Group, led by Giulio Tanini became in a short time a reference point for the construction industry in Tuscany. In the early ‘60s the Group opened in Florence one of the most modern showrooms, dedicated to both the distribution of ceramic products and furnishing for bathroom. The next challenge saw the Group engaging in the activity of production through the creation of luxury bathroom brands, Devon & Devon in 1989.

Devon&Devon is an exclusive way of enjoying your home. From its headquarters in Florence and its stores across the world, the company offers everything you need to make every house a home to be enjoyed and to which you cannot wait to return.

02. product

Devon&Devon’s unique, original and timeless trend interprets beauty in many different ways and infuses this beauty in great, classic contemporary pieces inspired by styles which are distant in space and time: the designs of the Victorian age and the 1800s in France, Liberty style, the Jazz era, la Dolce Vita, Hollywood, la Belle Epoque and the 50s.

Over the course of three decades, Devon&Devon has completely changed the way in which clients experience the bathroom space. Thanks to its first Victorian-style Bathtub, with its expanded Showerheads and its original Console and Vanity, the bathroom has gone from a functional space to a beautiful, unique environment dedicated to taking care of oneself.

03. the designers

After years of important work and deserved successes, Giulio Tanini, founder of the Group, retired from work leaving the management of the Group to his children in 1998. The Devon&Devon brand made its debut as the offshoot of a business initiative of architects Gianni and Paola Tanini , the second generation of Tanini family.  In 2009, the third generation of Tanini family joins the company, Teresa and Caterina Tanini into the management of Devon & Devon.