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01. about

Nicolazzi is today one of the international references for the classic style in sanitary industry. Luxury faucets that are an authentic expression of Italian hand, Located in Alzo, Italy, Nicolazzi has been crafting classic tapware for more than 50 years.

Classic is made by Nicolazzi, a boutique tapware manufacturer located on the shores of Lake Orta in Northern Italy who pride themselves in handcrafting their taps completely in-house combining modern technology with age-old craftsmanship.

02. product

Nicolazzi have been manufacturing fittings since 1960, and they like making them well. Nicolazzi is strong and well known with their natural stone faucet collection, such as Ruby, Tiger Eye, Jade, Onice and many more. Those can be embellished with more than 20 finishes made entirely in our production in order to ensure the highest quality to our customers.

Among these are the most expensive finishes such as Gold 24 K (hand-made, with authentic gold salts), the Rose Gold and several other shades of Gold, purely “classic colors” as Bronze and Copper, “industrial” finishes as brushed Chrome or brushed Nickel, “lives” finishes like “Tuscan Brass” and “Raw Brass” that will react to natural oxidation of brass, and modern finishes such as White or Black, shiny or matt.